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A slim, tone and healthy body is one of the most visible rewards of serious Taekwondo training. ATA has been helping Americans young and not-so-young buck the 'overweight' trend for many years, resulting in better health and quality of life. For millions of others, though, the obesity problem has been inescapable and the situation has worsened to the current level of health crisis. ATA leadership senses the need and opportunity to change even more lives – one Black Belt at a time – with renewed emphasis on physical fitness in our martial arts style.

ATA FIT is a workout that readies the body for virtually any physical activity. It can be adapted for anyone from pro athlete to non-athlete. Most other training programs work on cardiovascular endurance and/or strength training, but ATA FIT develops flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, accuracy, and balance – the whole package. With regard to cardiovascular endurance, the workouts alternate between short bursts of exertion and rest. According to Dr. Izumi Tabata, a prominent specialist in sports science, this type of interval training (short bursts of exertion) can significantly improve one's aerobic and anaerobic capacities.


Some ATA schools and clubs employ a teaching method called "360 Training," noted for its ability to blend an extra fitness element into regular Taekwondo classes. It is made up of functional movements done at high intensity. Every workout has a different set of challenges but can be scaled down to meet individual needs such as lower weights, reduced reps, modified push-ups and pull-ups, etc.

There are six parts to 360 Training: push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, punching, kicking and a combination of kicking/punching. When a martial artist becomes proficient in these drills, with 'proficient' defined as being able to perform the drills with both quality and quantity, he or she has obtained a level of fitness far superior to average citizens, with subsequent increases in strength, endurance, capabilities, self-confidence, leadership potential, and more.

The concept of 360 Training is very simple: just perform 60 repetitions of each part of the training, i.e. 60 reps x 6 parts = 360, hence the name. The training can also be broken down into smaller segments by doing fewer repetitions of each part, i.e. 30 reps x 6 parts = 180 Training. Conversely, the reps can be doubled to create 720 Training for hardcore athletes. Since not everyone starts in the same place physically, it is always best to consult a qualified physician before beginning any fitness regimen, even traditional Taekwondo. Be sure you understand the correct way to perform each exercise per the photos and descriptions below. Train hard, train to win!

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