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While Leadership is one of the attributes emphasized in all ATA programs, our Leadership program offers students an opportunity to aspire to an even greater level of achievement. 

Required to step up their physical and mental training, students are rewarded with unique opportunities and advanced curriculum designed to bring out their best.

Our Leadership Program is our highest level program. Students in our Leadership Program have not only committed themselves to train to the rank of Black Belt and beyond, they have also committed themselves to being leaders, not only in our school, but in life. 

Leadership Training at #1 Martial Arts has two separate Leadership Programs; one for Karate for Kids and one for Adults. Each of these programs is designed to fit the needs of each of these separate age groups.

Leadership Program members have special Leadership Classes to attend. During these special Leadership Classes, students will learn advanced Leadership ATA Life Skills such as perseverance and self esteem, advanced weapon techniques and Ground Fighting.

Junior Leadership for Karate for Kids
Our Junior Leadership Program for Karate for Kids is designed to teach children ages 6-12 how to lead in school rather than just follow the crowd. It teaches our kids to resist peer pressure and do the right thing. Our Junior Leaders learn how to set an example and be a role model. Junior Leaders have opportunities to assist in classes and act as role models for other students. Older Junior Leaders are encouraged to mentor younger students and teach them by setting an example.

Adult Leadership
Our Adult Leadership Program is designed to teach adults how to succeed, not only in Taekwondo, but in all areas of their lives. Adult Leaders learn skills such as being proactive, goal setting, presenting themselves as leaders, and guiding and mentoring others. Adult Leaders may assist in Taekwondo classes to gain experience leading others and being a mentor to lower ranking students. Learning the skills to assist, guide, and ultimately lead others is invaluable to any one succeeding in life.

Our Leadership Program is committed to develop future leaders to make our community and America strong now and in the future.

Advanced Training Opportunities
Because Leadership students receive specialized training, they're equipped to reach their goals more quickly. Advanced Protech weapons training is also offered at both the school level and at regional events and tournaments throughout the year. In addition, national tournaments offer exclusive Leadership NOW Workouts, lead by the most elite martial arts Masters in the ATA. 

Advanced Competition Opportunities
Although regional and national tournaments provide an excellent opportunity for leaders in all divisions to compete for best in Traditional and ATA X-treme Forms, Weapons, and Sparring, only Leadership students are eligible to gain points toward a State Championship title. Those who attain the prestigious distinction of State Champion are then eligible to wear the designation on their uniforms.

Expert Weapons Training
As a Leadership student, you are eligible to receive advanced weapons training  [Bo Staff Weapon] to further your martial arts knowledge and expertise. Jahng Bong (bo staff), Ssahng Nat (kama), Samdan Bong (three section staff), and Gumdo (Korean sword art) are some of the weapons that can be studied.

Exclusive Offers
Leadership students can proudly display their trainee status by wearing the official red, white and blue striped Leadership collar, as well as apparel, workout gear, and other merchandise available through World Martial Arts. They also enjoy access to exclusive training videos, special offers, and discounts from ATA's Leadership website. 

A leader has vision, creativity, and persistence while empowering and earning the respect of others.

Leadership training instills a different mindset in students that positions them for success. Whether in the classroom, an occupation, or continued service within the community, Leadership students stand out among their peers.

Leadership training is a short-term investment with lifelong benefits. It provides both the ability and the desire to accomplish extraordinary things.